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TOMMS Systems Sdn Bhd (TOMMS) unique Five phase Implementation Methodology is geared toward implementing TOMMS EAM/CMMS solution with the least amount of disruption to the customer yet ensuring the specific business needs of the users are met. TOMMS works with the customer every step of the way, starting at the shop floor level right up to senior management. This approach to gain a total commitment by the user and by TOMMS guarantees a successful implementation.

Five Phase EAM/CMMS Implementation Methodology.
1. Project Initiation Phase This phase sets the tone for the project; from the kick-off meeting through the implementation. During the Project Initiation Phase we review the project milestones and clearly define the roles and responsibilities of all participants based on the milestones. The implementation plan is finalized and published as the outcome of this phase.

2. Installation & Product Awareness Phase In the Installation and Product Awareness Phase, we install, test and commission the product. We then conduct a TOMMS product briefing on the overall features and functionalties to users as awareness process to ensure they comprehend the product life cycle.

3. Data Standards, Training and Pre-Implementation Phase In the Pre-Implementation Phase we review the business process and re-engineering results in order to configure TOMMS EAM/CMMS to meet the specific EAM/CMMS needs of the user. Data is collected to measure the key performance indicators (KPIs). The KPIs will be used to achieve the reduction in maintenance costs and increase equipment availability. Conversion of legacy system data, development SOP and user training are also completed in this phase.

4. User Testing and Acceptance Phase The User Testing and Acceptance Phase allows the user to perform system and business process validation testing during the Pilot Room Conference based on the developed SOP. This is a critical phase to ensure the conformity and successfulness of the new maintenance management system during the implementation process.

5. Implementation Phase During the Implementation Phase, TOMMS consultants work with the users to workflow the system with the live data entered intom TOMMS EAM/CMMS and provide an onsite hand holding session the build the users confidence. Once that is done, an on going Helpdesk support team from TOMMS will take over the hand holding session and support the user from the helpdesk support center. During this phase the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) will be deployed. The SOP is an important tool in future system audits to evaluate how the customer is adhering to system rules and business processes that have been created to benefits them.

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