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TOMMS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES include comprehensive services like TOMMS EAM/CMMS installation, commissioning, training, implementation and integration or interface to heterogeneous systems like Financial System, Geographical Information System, Building Automation System ,Integrated Building Management System, Enterprise Requirement Planning and SCADA.

Why do Systems Fail?
Many systems implementations fail regardless of the package or the technology. Organizations are quickly realizing that the cause of such problems lies not in product functionality (or lack of it) but in the implementation of change. There is strong evidence to suggest that product alone makes little difference to the outcome without implementation advise, and the correct processes being in place to manage change.

We are a new breed of Enterprise Asset Management organization - a TSP or a Total Solutions provider. The 20 years experience of implementing solutions and managing change has now been integrated with one of the best maintenance systems, TOMMS EAM/CMMS. Implementations using our best practice;Results; methodology to date have delivered astounding results. This method has then been packaged into an implementation toolkit and knowledge base, that with our help delivers similar benefits for smaller organizations. Our unique ‘5’ Step implementation approach focuses on risk avoidance. How can we do this? Using our wealth of experience within EAM implementations , coupled with our knowledge of manufacturing best practice, we can offer our customers a pragmatic and realistic solution that is focused on delivery of core objectives.
Despite a solution's quality and effectiveness, successful deployment is very much dependent upon your staff's ability to put it into production. TOMMS's team of certified instructors capitalize upon a wealth of experience, both from the user perspective as well as in the classroom, to thoroughly familiarize and educate your staff to ensure a smooth transition to your new document and knowledge management environment.
Although classes are available off-site at convenient locations, the preferred training environment is at your site, using your system.
Not only are sessions tailored to your particular configuration, but users also have the added advantage of learning the system on the same components as will be used in production. This greatly facilitates the learning process, helping the users get accustomed to the solution much more quickly.

TOMMS Instructors then combine lecture and explanation, lab work, question and answer sessions, and easy-to-understand documentation to ensure your system administrators, equipment operators, and end-users are well-educated and prepared for their roles in the production environment.

TOMMS implements an end-user Train-the-Trainer methodology, expediting and reducing the cost of your solution's deployment, while also empowering your technical and supervisory staff with the skills they need to perform in their respective positions.

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