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Perodua is the second Malaysian Car manufacturer and they started their operation way back in the early 90's. Today, Perodua is recognized as a top car manufacturer and has won many awards for their manufacturing quality and excellence. 
Perodua has selected TOMMS (EAM)  as their preferred software for their asset management in 2 key areas which are Perodua Manufacturing and Perodua Engineering.  Perodua Manufacturing used TOMMS (EAM) to maintain their equipments in Body Shop, Paint Shop , Assembly, Bumper and Conveyor systems. Meanwhile, Perodua Engineering used TOMMS (EAM) to control and maximize the uptime of assets in the engineering department.
KLCC Property Holdings Berhad (KLCCP) was incorporated as a public limited company on 7 February 2004. 
KLCC Urusharta Sdn Bhd is one of the subsidiary of KLCCP and with its niche position in  facility management services, will continue to grow its earnings potential by building on the strength of its premium assets, maintaining high standards in its operational performance and exploring prospects for sustainable progress. KLCC Urusharta used TOMMS (EAM) as their unify system to manage and control their facility management services in the following buildings like Petronas Twin Towers, Dayabumi, Maxis, Exxon Mobile, Common Estate & Park . KLCC UrusHarta also used TOMMS (EAM) helpdesk system to manage all their customers requests and contractors Maintenance Schedule. 
´╗┐Holcim (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Holcim Ltd in Switzerland. Holcim Malaysia is located in Pasir Gudang, the premier industrial zone where Johor Port is located. 
Holcim (Malaysia) Cement Plant Purchase TOMMS (EAM) to maintain their Cement Plant in Pasir Gudang, Johor. En. Shamsul (Maintenance Engineer) chose TOMMS (EAM) for its rich functionalities and ease of use. His manager, Mr Mukunnan like the way TOMMS (EAM) generate the Master Schedule  which he can used it easily to plan and schedule his employee during any shutdown or PM. Huan (IT Manager) likes TOMMS (EAM)  because of its screen interface and reusability which he is currently using to maintain his IT Assets.
Lakdhanavi Limited build, own, operate and maintain a combined cycle power plant which generate about 300 MW of electricity.
Lakdhanavi Power Plant Purchase TOMMS (EAM) to maintain their 300MW Combined Cycle Power Plant in Muturajawela in Sri Lanka. The Lakdhanavi Plant was commissioned in August 2008 and since then we've used TOMMS (EAM) to help maintain the Power Plant,' relates Mr. Shankar Rao, Senior Commission Manager.
TOMMS Systems Sdn Bhd has announced that its maintenance management solution TOMMS (EAM) has been selected as the preferred CMMS/EAM system for the leading international Metallkraft Group that have patented their process technology that fully recycles the spent slurry from silicon wafer slicing. Metallkraft's objective was to identify and select a single maintenance management system that could be integrated and used across all of its factory locations in Asia. The system must provide transparency and disseminate engineering information and site-to-site visibility. "We required a comprehensive maintenance system to manage our new state of the art facility in Tuas, Singapore and TOMMS was the best and affordable solution with great flexibility” recalls Ganesan, Chief Engineer at Metallkraft’s. Their requirement includes interfacing with their financial application system - to avoid double-entry of data and provide consolidated accounts.” "We really saw an opportunity to set things right the first time due to its new setup and to eliminate major inefficiencies during start-up." The company’s evaluation into the CMMS/EAM system was very thorough and detailed,The whole exercise took about 6 months to complete from project inception through issuance of purchase order. Metallkraft used the User and Technical Requirement Specification to eliminate some CMMS/EAM during the evaluation and narrowed down to four solutions. Metallkraft then carried out a second comparison exercise based on cost comparison, adaptability and offering between the four shortlisted products, from which TOMMS emerged as the perfect match.
TOMMS (EAM) was one of the leading innovative products displayed in the ASEAN Biggest M&E Show 2010 which was recently held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia from June 15th -18th. 2010. There was a tremendous response from various industries from all over the ASEAN countries in response to TOMMS (EAM). There were many enquiries from the Middle East countries like UAE, Iran and Saudi Arabia on the potentiality of TOMMS (EAM) in their respective countries.We had identified quite a number of potential clients locally in Malaysia and South East Asia like Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei during this exhibition. Overall, we also demonstrated our green technology in TOMMS via the Apple iPhone to the delegates and they seem to be very interested in it. During the four days of the event, the delegates received a comprehensive illustration on the latest version of TOMMS (EAM) and witness the demonstration of the current suite of TOMMS Web and Mobile Solution. One of the most popular sessions in the exhibition was our customer case study or testimonial, which gives delegates the opportunity to hear about a real-life TOMMS (EAM) installation from one of their peers.
TOMMS Systems Sdn Bhd today announced the latest release of TOMMS version 3.1, which is a single source code development platform for the internet and client/server in Asia. TOMMS version 3.1  will be able to be deployed in either internet or client/server mode depending on the customers’ requirement. This latest version is readily available to all TOMMS-supported customers who subscribe to its annual maintenance support programme. The latest version offers major benefits to customers who want to internet enable their client/server version without reinvesting in their current hardware, software and network structure. The single source code idea was brainchild by TOMMS System’s CEO, Mr Clarence Wong and has many advantages internally in TOMMS Systems Sdn Bhd and also externally to our TOMMS-supported customers and future customers. The obvious advantage will be a major reduction in the overhead for TOMMS Systems research and development team which is to maintain only one single source code for client/server and internet rather than two source codes. The single source code will enable our R&D team to enhance the code faster, easier and distribute it quicker to our TOMMS- supported customers regardless whether they are deployed on a traditional client/server or  web enable architecture. In addition, the latest version includes many new functionalities and features that meets the industry standards like audits, checklist, workflows and system securities. “We, at TOMMS Systems shall continue to pursue our excellence in customer service and product development. With our dedication and commitment, we aspire to deliver continuous improvement to our existing TOMMS products and services to enhance our customers’ competitiveness in these challenging times.”
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