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SERVICE PROVIDERS presently face the new challenge of how to improve service levels and response time to their customers, while at the same time controlling costs. Many clients that utilize a service provider do so to mitigate their own risks-the service provider takes on the risks for the client. The "outsourced" environment is often multi-tiered, with sub-contractors or specialty providers providing some elements of service. The Facility providers are adopting TOMMS(EAM/CMMS) in their day to day maintenance routine operations which provides them visibility and also customer centric focus. TOMMS(EAM/CMMS) has matured into a compliance when come to OSHA/ISO certification for the facility providers.

GLOBAL FACILITY MANAGEMENT (GFM) chose TOMMS (EAM/CMMS) because they needed a comprehensive solution to effectively manage their customers assets and streamline their current work process. TOMMS (EAM/CMMS) provides the essential functionality they require in a core business system with its ability to manage complex contracts and facilitate the provision of services. It is imperative to manage our customers' facilities and business services with the high level of expertise that they expect.

JANANIAGA &want to have visibility and gauge their employee response time to their clients and they found TOMMS (EAM/CMMS)to be a suitable and simple solution. They can view the time the employee actually spend working on a project, as opposed to waiting for a part or traveling from site to site, as 'unproductive time'. By using TOMMS (EAM/CMMS), they understand the amount of unproductive time and response They are then able to realistically set their customers' expectations, and bill them accordingly.

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