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When it comes to safety and reliability, it is a requirement for any educational or healthcare facility. TOMMS (EAM/CMMS) solutions can help education, healthcare companies and institutions ensure that their critical assets comply with the standards. This includes buildings such as universities, hospitals, dormitories, offices and laboratories. It also encompasses the surrounding like landscape, electric poles, pavement and etc which are deem critical to safety standards.


UNISEL has adopted TOMMS (EAM/CMMS) for their campus maintenance in Batang Berjuntai in Selangor. UNISEL are committed to continuous improvement. They expect that TOMMS (EAM/CMMS)to enable them to streamline their work processes, improve asset tracking and enhance budget accountability, improve material processes, and reduce costs through standardization on one software platform. UNISEL expect the service request to increase when the student population increases as dormitories are filled and assets are taken up by students. With TOMMS (EAM/CMMS), the maintenance crew transferred accountability of asset to students whereby the students are liable for the damages of the assets. This acts as a deterrent to bad practices of students mismanaging the asset.


IIUM has 3 campuses in Malaysia which is located in Gombak, Petaling Jaya and Kuantan. IIUM plans are to allow their maintenance technician to be mobile and access TOMMS (EAM/CMMS) through the WEB and report back to their management. They wanted TOMMS (EAM/CMMS) to be autonomous by providing to their faculties member the allowance to launch request if they have any complaints. Traditionally, the department's front office fielded more than 8,000 phone calls a year and over 6,000 service requests. With TOMMS WEB WORK, over 75 percent of the requests have been routed through the Web and filed in a database, reducing the time consuming data entry process and saving the department more than 450 labor hours a year." They currently have reports which assist them to be responsive to their internal and external clients. It measures their performance service level and improves their productivity.

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